Best lie detector test money can Buy

The lie detector tests, which are popularly referred to as polygraph tests, are used to verify whether a person is telling the truth or not. The common lie detector tests are eighty to ninety percent accurate. The test is used for many reasons including theft, drug use, infidelity, vandalism, and others.

Lie detector tests that are carried out by a qualified expert would typically cost between 200 US dollars to 2,000 US dollars. The length of the trial will determine the price. All day tests are always quite expensive, compared to a standard 2-hour, single-issue lie detector test that would cost from 200 US dollars to 800 US dollars.

Some providers of lie detector services provide services that cost not less than $400. The price can rise depending on the length of the examination.

The best lie detector test that money can buy is a single-issue polygraph test. It takes close to two hours, and testers that numbers between four to six are used during the exercise. It starts with a pretest interview, where control questions are presented to the test taker. A collection of psychological information and the real test follows later. Most of such tests end with a summary, which even the test taker shares.

The best lie detector test should come with discounts that are provided on various tests on the similar issue. Some provide 20% discount to regular clients and have special services like “Her and His” (for two partners who are taking out an infidelity related test) that come with 50 US dollars off the entire cost.

There is also an option for home lie detectors that are available at the cost of 90 to 700 US dollars. However, there have been some doubts concerning the accuracy of voice-based testers and home testing units.

De-FIB-ulator, which is a voice stress test issold at a price that is between 89 to 99 US dollars.

The best lie detector test should cost between $200-$800

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