More 5G models to come to Australia in 2020

new 5G phones

Australia’s three mobile phone network operators are rolling out faster, new 5G cell phone networks, & in 2020 you will have far more choices to connect to them.

But if you’re trying to connect to experience the promised faster download speeds and lower latencies on the newer system you can not just pick up a SIM and stick it into your cell phone.

You require a device with a 5G modem to connect to the new networks, and thus much the choice in Australia has been somewhat limited.

But that is all set to change as more manufacturers bring 5G capable smartphones down under, with one expected to modify the game.

The 5G phones on the market in Australia all retail for over $1000 but the 1 TCL plans to deliver to Australia is expected to cost less than $800.

This may require some compromises, and it likely will not compete with its pricier competitors on multimedia functionality or camera specs. Still, it is going to create the new network more accessible to more customers, which is excellent news for the telcos who want consumers to join their networks.

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