The Effects of Computers in Small Business

person using macbook

The rise of the personal computer and the internet continues to affect businesses, both big and small. 

The abundance and availability of information available online means that virtually anyone can start and run a small business with just a computer and internet connection. 

Computers also affect how small enterprises run business.


Computers make it easier for anybody to start a small business. It is possible to start companies for graphics design or purchasing and selling merchandise from the comfort of your own home with only a computer and Internet connection. 

You can also perform administrative tasks like paying bills, maintaining tax records as well as managing payroll in your computer, in addition to marketing your business on the internet.


Computers provide increased opportunities for where you can operate your business. If you have a notebook computer with wireless Internet capability, you can conduct business in airport lounges, hotel rooms, public libraries or Wi-Fi cafes. This sort of mobility also means that business operations aren’t limited to the regular business hours, allowing for increased flexibility.


Computers can have a positive and negative effect on small-business productivity. The 24/7 access to the internet means you could increase your number of work hours, and tools such as email and instant messaging allow for effortless communication. However, the internet is also a distraction for you or your employees, as it provides the temptation of browsing rather than working.

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